About Me.

I carry a fine arts degree from OCAD University. At this time, I'm studying Creative Advertising at Seneca College in order to enhance my artistic capabilities backed with strategic planning.

I’m an artist that solves problems. While I have doubted my path, I never doubted my creativity. I’m extremely passionate, prestigious, and curious. Experimenting is my specialty and pay extreme attention to detail. Maybe all artists feel this way too, but I never quite feel 100% about my end result. But it’s about putting in the 100% that matters. I love working with new materials. From watercolour to wood working, when I think of ideas I’m always thinking about the best materials to express it and imagine it being out there. I just can’t wait to get out there and make something meaningful to be appreciated by the world. I’m excited to begin my career as an Art Director and work with like-minded individuals to bring our dreams to life.

My name is Madeleine Heaven, and it is my mission to make life a more beautiful experience.

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