Madeleine Heaven is an Indigenous artist who was born and raised in the city of Markham, Ontario. From a young age, she drew and collected stacks of colouring books, made her own birthday cards and created handmade storybooks with her mother. Since her elementary school placed little value on the subject of Art, it took until high school for her to reconnect with her artistic roots.

During secondary school she worked hard on her portfolio in hopes of being accepted into the Ontario College of Art & Design University. She was granted the Portfolio Award upon graduation, along with Honour Roll and a French Immersion Certificate. Since her acceptance into the University she has taken advantage of the facilities by taking courses outside of her major in order to expose herself towards a variety of mediums and media. 

In 2016, Heaven had graduated from OCAD U with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is looking forward to contribute towards the future of the art world. Since her exposure at GradEX 101, she has sold and commissioned her first pieces for private collectors. She was published and featured in EMBOSS Magazine: The Revolution of Art, showcased her work at various galleries in Toronto, and is well acquainted with the beauty and fashion industries. Since working at both OCAD University and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, she is now studying at Seneca College to pursue her dreams of becoming an Art Director.

Artist Statement

Heaven enjoys the thought of setting up collaborative opportunities with her materials. Throughout the years, she’s expanded from traditional techniques and medias to collage, photography, sewing, and entering the world of digital painting. Majority of her creative process involves conducting experiments to ensure she produces effective and high quality works in order to confidently deem as a finished product.  As a starting point, she gathers inspiration from her wide interest in electronic music, antique shops, and by analyzing Internet trends. Her current bodies of works are colourful, visually stimulating and slightly eccentric. She brings attention to the relationship collage, reproduction and remixing have over the media, copyright regimes and consumer culture. Subjects she explores in her works include inquiring about the natural vs. manmade, the analogue vs. the digital, syntheticity and virtual reality. Materials Heaven uses in her practice include but are not limited to: pen, ink, watercolour, photography (film and digital), digital painting, scanography, woodworking, lenticular, encaustic, spray-painting, combustion, and the technologies of Photoshop and Cinema 4D.